Sociology LT2 notes

Domestic Division of labour(DDOL)- (gender roles)

FUNCTIONALISM (Parsons, 1955) - segregated conjugal roles in nuclear family. Instrumental (men) expressive (women). Reasons- biological differences, women are naturally suited for nurturing.

Criticism- Outdated view, Socially created, benefits men.

March of Progress view - Young and Wilmott (1973)- becoming more equal for all members. move to a symmetrical family. roles of man and women are similar. Couples spend time together. Family is home centred, child centred, and affluent (wealthy). Reasons - New technology, more wealth and higher standard of living, geographical mobility.

EARLY FEMINIST VIEWS- family relationships are unequal.

Oakley (1974)- family is not symmetrical. 15% men do housework, 25% childcare. men dont take responsibility for domestic tasks. Women- low pay, extention of their 'housewife role' (nursing/childcare)

RECENT FEMINIST VIEWS-Patriarchy, dual burden (paid work and unpaid housework)

Triple shift (paid work, domestic work, emotional…


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