social policys



  • Provided basic numercy and litercy skills to make children more effective workers for the industral revolution. 
  • Made little effect on social class if you were working class you stayed w/c.

1944- TRIPATE SYSTEM (labour goverment- 11+ exams)

Regardless of their class children would be given the best education that would be tailed to their abilities and needs, worked on MERITOCRACY.

  • If you passed you went to grammer school, male dominated and were middle class, academic focus, girls were artifically failed
  • If you failed you went to secondary modern or a school learnt manual work and were dominated by working class.

 1965- COMPEHENSIVE SYSTEM (abolished 11+ exams)

Sent to the school nearest to you to mix middle class and working class would ensure a more meritocratic system. Class inequalty still excisted because of:

  • Streaming- top set = M/C, low set= W/C this then lead to the process of polarisation of subcultures, M/C = Pro school. W/C= Anit- school.
  • Labelling- Postive= M/C Negative- W/C this then


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