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Assess the relationship between sociology and social policy 33 marks


What is social policy and the key areas of the debate?

Social policy is how the actions, plans and programmes of government bodies and agencies that aim to deal with a social problem or achieve a social goal. E.g. polices are often based on laws that provide the framework within which these agencies operate.

Key areas of the debate→ Different sociological perspectives hold different views of the nature of the state social policy it produces. Therefore, each perspective tends to take a different view of the role of sociology in relation to social policy. I will now examine the major perspectives on policy and its relationship to sociology.

Paragraph one

Which perspective should have an influence on social policy?

P – Some sociological perspectives believe that there is a relationship between sociology and social policy.

E – Functionalism, provide the state with scientific and objective information to base policies, implement policies, for a fairer society. C.E. Workfare this policy is for the good of society as a whole as well as the individual concerned.

E – Social democrats should be involved in researching social problems and making policies to eradicate them. C.E. redistribution of wealth and income Townsend

R – This evidence shows the relationship between sociology and social policy.

C – However, some sociologists would think that sociology shouldn’t aim to have an influence on social policy, such as radical feminists who believe that research can’t make a difference as the state is patriarchal, nevertheless, they do agree with policies that separate women from men such as women refuges for domestic violence.

 Paragraph two

Which perspectives believe that


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