Social Policies

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Sociol Policies-

A comparittive view

Nazi- gave incentives - motherhood medals; they wanted a large population; any deformed child however was killed and the mother was sterelised (aryian race)

China- One child policy; they want to decrease the population; couples sign the agreement; if they have 2 children or more they loose their benefits and the tax goes up.


Policies which affect the family:

Child benefit- It was universal until now; the most common etc..

tax- diffent types; different amounts; rising up

Adoption- v. strict; commitment for life;

Divorce- must go to courts; prenups; consent of both people

Marriage; 16-17 must ask consent. 18+ dont need consent; you need to sign the register to legally be married

Policies which can affect people:

Abortion- must do it before 24 wks

Contreception- no sex before 16; no homosexual sex before 18; can buy in almost any supermarket including the emergnecy.

Compulsary eductation- enables parents to go out to work; free childminding service; contredicts the nuclear family

Care in the communtiy- family helping OAPs; but also include NHS and schools

Funtionalists- they believe that family polcies are beneficial to all the family and the state acts in the best interest of the family,  Consequence? = the new right argue that it weakens the family self dependence and that its too relient on the government - A dependency culture.A perverse incentive- something wich appears to be beneficial actually has the opposite effect e.g. spoiling kids- Charles Murray. THIS IS ALSO A CRITICISM! But feminists also argure that Men benefit from this than anyone else in the family.

New Right- They think that…


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