Social Policy

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The New Right Perspective

They favour the traditional nuclear family based on a married heterosexual couple, a male as a provider and a female as a homemaker. From their perspective, divorce and same sex marriages has led to family diversity and produced problems such as crime.

In 2005, the parenting order was introduced by Tony Blair, he represented the New Labour Perspective. Donzelot does not agree with this social policy because he saw the policy as form of state power and control over famillies.

The New Labour like the New Right saw a family headed by a married, heterosexual couple as the best environment for socialising children. Also, they both emphasised the need for parents to take responsibility for their children.

THe 2013 vote on gay marriage conveys that famillies are now more diverse and do not fit with the New Right or New Labour policies.

David Cameron introduced the 2015 childcare policy under the conservative-liberal domocrat party.


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