Slavery: British Colonies

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Factors that brought the slave trade back to life

1.The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte was the first factor and the reintroduction of slavery in the French Empire. 

Eventually people in France got sick of the revolution and decided that they needed to get back to peace. 

Eventually a young officer, Napolean got a lot of support, enough that he made himself Dictator of France, later on Emperor of France,

He wasn't a revolutionist but he was a moderniser, someone who brought fresh ieas to things. 

The British public saw him as a very dangerous man. He was also a great/scary general.

He onced conquered Europe and the British ruling class feared that he might conquer them and that he would eventually be in charge of everything/rule them also. 

They were desperate to portray Napoleon as terrible just to make in look bad in the publics eye. 

So when Napoleon decided to reintroduce slavery into the French Empire in 1802, the British ruling class tried to use that against him.

This meant that the abolition of the slave trade became more popular, because if being anti-slave trade was being anti-Napoleon, then it would be alright to say that you were anti-slave trade.The abolition now included a lot of upper class people. It even became patriotic to be anti-slave trade. The Slave Traders are now losing allies amongst the…


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