Sergei Witte: A Profile

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Sergei Witte: A Profile



Name: Count Sergei Yulyevich Witte 


D.O.B. 29th June 1849


D.O.D. 13th March 1915 (Aged 65)



  • Transport Minister (Feb. 1892 - Aug. 1892)

  • Finance Minister (Aug. 1892 - Aug. 1903)

  • Chairman of Committee/PM (Aug. 1903- May 1906)

Worked under Tsar Alexander III (until his death in 1894)

Worked under Tsar Nicholas II


  • He attended university in Odessa where he specialized in mathematics.

  • After graduating in 1870 he became involved in the railway industry. A successful railway executive, Witte entered the Russian government in 1889 when he was appointed as Director of the Department of Railway Affairs when he warned of the danger in using two powerful freight locomotives to achieve high speeds for the Royal Train. His warnings were proven in the October 1888 Borki train disaster, which resulted


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