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In secularisation, we are looking at ABI- attendance belief and institution, however we must first look at a general overview!

What is secularisation?

-secularisation is the declining importance of religion

-BPI- beliefs practises and institutions lose social significance


-crockett says in 1851 40% of the adult population attended church and this decline in 1960 to 10-15%

-There was a decline in the church attendance, average age of churchgoer increased, increase of non christian religions, decrease of no. of church weddings and baptisms

-furthermore the 19th century was the golden age of religiosity

-in addition wilson says western societies are going through secularisation..for example uk.


-attendance was 6.3% and now predicted to be 4.7% in 2015

-english church census found there was a descrease in the no. of large organisations such as chruch of england and catholic church but increase in…


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