Sampling Methods

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Random (Frame)

  • Every person has an equal chance of being selected
  • No researcher bias
  • Fast - requires less preparation
  • Highly unrepresentative of population

Stratified Random (Frame)

  • Sample reflects population in terms of social characteristics eg. age, gender, ethnicity, class - researcher divides the sample according to necessary criteria and randomly selects from these groups
  • No researcher bias
  • Highly representative of population
  • Complex/time consuming - requires a knowledge of maths to calculate sizes of groups

Multi-stage (Frame)

  • Sample from within another sample eg. taking a sub-sample of people on an electoral register
  • No researcher bias
  • Representaative of population
  • Complex - requires another sample


  • Certain quota are selected eg. 20 males and 20 females. First 20


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