Sample Essay Plan: More Progress was made in social reform than political reform in the period 1865 to 1885. To what extent do you agree and why

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More Progress was made in Social Reform than political reform in the period 1865 to 1885. To what extent do you agree?

Points to consider:

  • This is a breadth question thus dont go into too much detail and start giving a narrative of the reforms
  • Ensure your argument is substantiated throughout the essay
  • Try and make links where possible
  • Remember- it is like a 24 mark question but with more points and if more possible clearer understanding of differences and links.


  • Define Social Reform and Political Reform i.e. social reform was reforms that focused on people's everyday lives whilst political reform focused on how the country was governed and giving people a voice.
  • Between 1865 and 1885, Gladstone and Disraeli both served twice as prime minister- they also both addressed social and political reforms, though Gladstone focused on political and Disraeli on social
  • Examples of Social Reform: Forster Education Act 1870, Public Health Act 1874
  • Examples of Political Reform: 2nd Reform Act 1867 and the Franchise Act 1884
  • Signpost Conclusion -  I will show that, in my opinion, more progress was made in political reform. Although more acts focused on social reform, ones about political reform were more important and resulted in more progress within this area. This was despite the fact that, as Blake recognises, Disraeli had come to the conclusion that social reform was " the object which they ought to persue"

Argument A::

  • 1867 Reform act and 1884 Franchise Act. The first of these acts wasnt that successful as it focused on those within towns, and placed a property qualification on men to limit who could vote. The 1884 act expanded the franchise much further, to 6 million, and included the skilled working classes within counties as well as towns. Could be argued to be unsuccessful as first act attempted badly to redistribute seats, and still only 1/5th of population could vote.
  • 1872( Dates are important!) Secret Ballot Act and 1883 Corrupt Practices Act- The first of…


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