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S2 Binomial Distribution
Binomial Distribution

You can use the Binomial distribution to calculate probabilities

            There is a fixed number of trials

            Each trial should result in success or failure

            Trials are independent

            Probability is constant

X ~ B(n,p)  n=number of trials
   p= probability of success
E(X)= np

S2 Hypothesis Testing
An hypothesis is a statement made about the value of a population parameter that we wish to test by collecting evidence in the form of a sample.
In a statistical hypothesis test the evidence comes from a sample which is summarized in the form of a statistic called the test statistic.

We form two Hypotheses:
- The null hypothesis,
H0,  we assume to be correct unless proven otherwise.
The alternative hypothesis, H1, tells us about the population parameter if our assumption is shown to be wrong.

The critical region is the range of values that lead to a rejection of the null hypothesis.
One tailed test - looks for an increase or decrease in the value.
Two tailed test.
Two critical values
Alternative hypothesis


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