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Karina Gahir


Binomial Distribution
Binomial probability distribution is defined as:
o P(X=r) = nCr x pn x (1-p)n-r
o Distribution is written as: X~B(n,p)
Conditions include:
o Fixed number of trials
o All trials are independent of one another
o Probability of success remains constant

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Karina Gahir

Continuous Random Variables
For a probability density function (p.d.f)
o P(a < X < b) = f (x) dx
o P(X < k) = P(X k)
For a cumulative distribution function (c.d.f)
upper limit
o F(xo) = P(X x o) using a p.d.f = f (x)…

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Karina Gahir

Subjective choice by person taking the sample
Sampling from an incomplete sampling frame
Sampling Distribution of a statistic
o Parameters are quantities that describe characteristics of a population (e.g. the mean, variance or
proportion that satisfies certain criteria)
o They can be estimated from sample data using…

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Karina Gahir

Carrying out the tests
o When carrying out a hypothesis test, the stages involved are as follows:
Establish the null (Ho) and alternative (H1) hypotheses
Decide on a significance level (usually given to you in the question)
Collect your suitable data (conditions for this involve random sampling and…


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I absolutely love you.

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very good, although you've put on the document var(x) = (b + a)^2/12 rather than (b-a)^2/12 - your proof has the correct result in.

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Would give it 10 stars if i could ^

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