Rusbult's investment model A01

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Exention of SET.

Commitment depends of satifaction level, quality of alternatives and investment size. Satifying relationship= partner getting more out of relationship than expected, given social norms and previous experiences. 

Satifaction level and CLalt and investment determine commitment. 

Investment- resources associated with a romantic relationship which would be lost if the relationship ended. 

Satifaciton level- extend to which partners feel the rewards of the romantic relationship exceed the costs.

CLalt- judgement about whether a relationship with a different partner would reduce costs and increase rewards.

2 types of investment:

Intrinsic- resources put DIRECTLY into the relationship (e.g. money, time, effort, self-disclosure...)

Extrinsic- investments that previously did not feature in the relationship, devlop and are created during the relationship. (e.g. joint purchases- house/ car, shared memories/ experiences, children, shared friends)

investments are increasing and satifaction is high, then relationship is likely to continue. E.g. completing AS Level- invest time, effort, money, sacrafice experiences, reduced employment...- satisfaction with high grades, learning new things. Remain commitment and continue studying A Levels. NOTE- this is only an example to help you remeber semantically, do not write this in the exam as it is totally irrelevant and you will not get any marks, you must focus on RELATIONSHIPS!

High levels of satifaction (more rewards- companionship, sex, emotional support, finachal support, experiences, help with housework and fewer costs- little money spent…


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