Revolutions in Germany

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Long term causes:

  • rising middle classes wanting liberty like under Napoleon
  • increased population meant scarced food
  • industrialisation introduced poor living and working conditions

Short term:

  • harvest failures 1845-7
  • potato blight 1847
  • there was a trade recession
  • rising food prices
  • people were inspired by revolutions elsewhere in europe
  • liberal and nationalist ideas spread


  • mostly made up of liberals
  • 596 men from different states representing
  • they were given the difficult task of creating a constitution

Revolution in Prussia:

  • riots began in Berlin 13th-19th March due to work conditions and pay
  • Frederick William IV said "i want liberty/unity)
  • miscommunication led to William's troops shooting and killing at least 300 rioters
  • he drew up a new constitution
  • after he left Berlin…


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