Research Method

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Non experiemental research methods:

  • Correlation..... its a statiscal technique that is used to invetigate the relationship between two variables.

It allowes the researcher to investigate the relationship and it's strength.

It only shows a link between the two variables it deosnt show the reason for the findings and also it deosnt show individual results.

  • Observation..... this is very behavouir is recored and then observed through the recording. Nothing is usally manipulated in this method.

Time Interval Sampling-recording what happens at specific time intervals.

Time point sampling-recording what happens at a particular point of time (eg.meal times)

Event Sampling- recording the entire event.

High ecological validity because it's done in a natural enviroment. So fewer demand characteristics.

Lack of consent due to it being natural and very little control is given to the variables.

  • Questionairres..... is a written method of asking people questions about a specific subject.

Easier to anayalse the information and it's quicker and easier over-all

Low response rate and problems with the wording and understanding of questions.

  • Interview..... giving response to questions face to face.

Complex subjects can be spoken about and high detial can be gathered from an interview.

Very time consuming and high demand characteris could accoure.

Experiemntal Designs:

Repeated Measures- this is when one group deos both conditions. It is less time consuming as a positive but having two groups


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