Raine Evaluation

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Raine Evaluation


  • PET scans are objective, this makes results reliable.
  • Many controls used such as the 32 minute wait between the injection and the activity, this makes the experiment reliable.
  • A large group of 82 was used, this means that generalisation is possible
  • Application to real life because it provides the possibility that biological factors impact murderer's behaviour.


  • Can only be generalised to murderer's pleading not guilty due to reasons of insanity.
  • No non-violent criminals makes the study not representative.
  • Only describes differences rather than explaining them.
  • PET scans aren't always clear so interpretation could be affected, making the results inaccurate causing the study to lack internal validity.


Overall, the study by Raine is useful and can be used as the base point for further research, where results can be fully generalised using a representative sample and completely objective methods. 


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