Religious Studies

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Keywords and meanings:

Unit 4: Religion and State

  • Justice- Where everyone has equal provisions and opportunity.
  • Personal Conviction- Somthing someone feels really strongly about.
  • Anthority-Right or Power over Others.
  • Pinishment- A penaltly given to someone for a crime or wrong doing they have done.
  • Duty- Somthing you do beacuse its the accepted patteren of behaviour.
  • Human rights- somthing to which a person is entitled to beacuse they are Human.

Unit 3: Religious Expression

  • Sacred- Set apart and dedicated to God. Separate from ordinary things.
  • Community- A group of people with somthing in common.
  • Pilgrimage- A journey to a place with religious signficance
  • Evanglism- Spreading the faith


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