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Ethical Absolutism…read more

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Is their one morality that is true for
everyone, everywhere, always?
· Throughout history, people have
disagreed over this question:
Plato Protagoras
Yes! No!…read more

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· Absolutists believe that there exists a
standard of right and wrong that is fully and
totally binding on all human beings.
· Those who are religious may feel that this
absolute standard proceeds from the mind
and will of a supreme being.
· Those who are not religious may believe
that the standard simply exists.
· An absolutist would have to say:…read more

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Absolutism / Absolutist
· Definition:
"An ethical system involving rules that are
to be followed by all people at all times, in
all circumstances."
· Examples of absolutists:
1. Moses
2. Jesus
3. Muhammad
4. Buddha
5. Confucius
6. The UN…read more

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Moral Code
· Definition:
"A set of moral rules and laws that acts as
instructions for right living."
· Examples of absolute moral codes:
1. The Ten Commandments / The Law of Moses (Judaism,
Christianity, Islam)
2. Jesus' Golden Rule
3. The Five Precepts and Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism
4. The yamas and niyama of the Hindu scriptures
5. The ancient Egyptian code of Ma'at
6. Universal Declaration of Human Rights…read more

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The Ten Commandments / Law of Moses
(Judaism, Christianity, Islam)…read more

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