Religion Under Lenin & Stalin

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Religion Under Lenin

  • Bolshevism is atheist
  • associated with Tsarism- Tsar is god on Earth etc
  • Religion seen as propaganda to keep people in place- want to removed it from government and social structure 
  • Jan 1918- Decree on the Separation of Church and State- Church couldn't own property, religious education in schools was outlawed, priests were declared bourgeoise (stripped of legal rights and on lowest rations)
  • 1925- Union of the militant godless made to prove to people that god wasnt real (balloon rides), anti-religious propaganda (clergy were parasites living off the peasants) atheist art, religious rituals bolshevised (children were octobered), red weddings, vows to uphold principles of bolshevism
  • New Bolshevik names (ninel, marlen)
  • Churchs destroyed during collectivisation or converted…


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