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(notes taken from the CGP revision guides)

  • Reflexes are involuntary responses.
  • Reflexes are rapid and automatic responses to certain stimuli.
  • Reflexes are quick because you don't think about them - they are involuntary.
  • Many reflexes are there to protect you from damage e.g. pulling your hand off a hot object.
  • Many animals also depend on reflexes for things like finding food or a mate.
  • The route taken by the information in a reflex is called a reflex arc.
  • The reflex arc goes through the Central Nervous System.
  • The neurones in reflex arcs go through the spinal cord or through an unconscious part of the brain.
  • When a stimulus is detected by receptors, an impulse is set along a sensory neurone to the CNS.
  • In the CNS the sensory neurone passes on the message to another type of neurone - a relay neurone.


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