Reflexes Help Prevent Injury

  • It is an automatic response to certain stimuli - reduces the chances of being injured.
  • The route taken by the information in a reflex /9 from receptor to effector) is called a Reflex Arc.
  • The neurones in reflex arcs go through the spinal cord or through an unconscious part of the Brain

The Reflex Arc goes through the Central Nervous System

  • When a stimulus is detected by receptors, an impulse is sent along the sensory neurone to the CNS.
  • In the CNS the sensory neurone passes on a message to another neurone which is the Relay. There is a gap between neurones called the Synapses and pass along chemical messages.
  • Relay neurones relay impulse to the motor neurone.
  • The impulse then travels along it to the effectors which make your muscles contract.

The Eye

  • The Cornea bends light into the eye.
  • The Iris controls the diameter of the Pupil
  • The Lens focuses the light onto the Retina.
  • The Retina contains rods and cones. Cones sense colours, Rods don't.
  • The…


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