Rebellion and Unrest (1547-58)


Rebellion and Unrest (1547-58)


1548- (April): Murder of William Body, Helston, Cornwall

         (June): Investigation of enclosure

         (Summer): Rural riots in England

1549- (May): Unrest in: Hampshire/Somerset/Wiltshire

         (June): Introduction of the new Prayer Book

                    Prayer Book Rebellion (Western Rising)

         (July): Kett's rebellion (East Anglia)

                   Uprisings in Yorkshire/Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire/Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire

         (August): Exeter relieved by Lord John Russell

                        Western Rebels defeated at Sampford Courtenay

        (October): Fall of Somerset

1553- (July): Edward VI

                   Lady Jane Grey (L.J.G.) proclaimed Queen

         (August): Mary Tudor proclaimed Queen + Enters London

         (November): Mary informs parliament she will marry Philip of Spain

1554- (January): Wyatt's Rebellion

         (February): Wyatt arrested/ L.J.G. executed/ Elizabeth imprisoned


1. Causes: Social + Economic problems-  caused by an increase in the population + price rises + poor harvests + poverty increase

2. Further debasement of the coinage to raise more funds; adds to the rising levels of inflation

3. Peasantry began to pull down the enclosures

4. 1549: (Late Spring + Summer) rebellions + unrest in at least 25 counties

5. Western Rebellion/ Prayer Book Rebellion (Devon + Cornwall) ; Kett's Rebellion (East Anglia)

6. Kett's Rebellion had involved over 16,000 men ; Western Rising had 5000

7. The government hired mercenaries and troops to stop the risings

8. The rebels were able to besiege Exeter before being defeated ; the rebels were able to capture Norwich before their defeat

9. The successful suppression of Kett's Rebellion increased Northumberland's support

10. Edward's declining health in spring

11. The L.J.G. Plot

Social and Economic Problems

1. Population increasing

2. Inflation + Rise in prices

3. Enclosure

4. Living standards declining

5. Poverty + Vagrancy

6. Poor Harvests

7. Rising rents

8. Influenza + Epidemics


The first time since the Black Death, the population of England was rising

Estimated: 1525-1551 the population rose from 2.3 million to 3 million

Agriculture couldn't keep up with the rise and food prices rose and became a serious problem during the bad harvests

There was a youthful population meaning an increase in the dependancy rate

Demand for cloth increased

Enclosure was a serious problem

Stats and Problems

Edward VI's governments




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