Reasons for failure of the general strike


Reasons for the failure of the General Strike 

The Extent of the Strike 

  • Many Unions didnt have the money to support the strike, one union losing half of its money to support out of work workers 
  • Unions also couldnt control its workers, violence is glasgow and overturning of flying scotsman 
  • Sme unions also couldnt convince all of their workers to come out on strike, Barnsley power station remained in operation for all of the strike 
  • However there was some organisation, 1.75 million workers coming out on strike for the TUC 
  • There was also strategy to the strike, TUC calling out workers in waves to put more pressure on the government 

Lack of Support 

  • Very sporadic support for the strike, many Blacklegs continued to work despite the strike 
  • Other unions also reluctant to go on strike, TUC making no arrangements for


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