Peripetie by Schoenberg

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  • The era was the early 20th century
  • The aim of expressionism is to expree feelings as intensely and possible
  • 'Klangfarbenmelodie', meaning tone colour melody, encompasses the aim to express using distortion and unnatural colours through the range of timbres


  • There was a large orchestra with 90 players, including a string, woodwind, percussion and large brass section
  • There were a variety of rapid changes in contrasting timbres (klandfarbenmelodie)
  • Extremes of ranges are used
  • Various playing techniques are used to create different effects, for instance a mallet and cello bow are used to play the cymbals

Perfomance markings

  • Haupstimme marks the most important instrument in a section (primary voice)
  • Nebenstimme marks the second most important voice (secondary voice)
  • a2 or a3 signal two or three bassoons playing
  • Bell up signals the brass players to point the bell upwards
  • Tutti means everyone joins again
  • + means the horn player put their hands into the bell (hand-stopped for a different timbre)
  • Con


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