How effective were the methods used by members of the civil rights movement between 1961 and 1968?

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Freedom Marches took place in 1963.  Martin Luther King Jr and other civil rights leaders were keen to keep up with the momentum of change.  Birmingham hadnt changed since any of the segregation policies.  King wanted to capture the medias attention and show whites and the violent and black as the peaceful.  Some marches like Albama failed due to the govener being peaceful making King have to develop tactics. Over the full country there were more than 100 marches in over 100 citites.  

Birmingham- Bull Conner was a racist hothead.  He reacted badly to any African American ways to gain symphany,  Police instructed that the marches should stop but they refused.  television cameras were present as police fire officers used dogs and fire hoses against peaceful marches, including women and children.  Over 1000 marchers were arrested including King.  Nationally, the public were outraged.  Birmigham were forced to desedragate.  However, whites felt betrayed by the fedral govenment as there were outbreaks in violence for the next following months.  In September the KKK killed 4 Aftican American children in a Birmingham church.  

Washington-  In August 1963 the most famous demonstration organised by Martin Luther King Jr took place.  It was intended to put pressure on to President Kenedy for more further in the direction of civil rights for all.  1/4 of a million people marched to the fedral captial, Washington DC, meeting at the Washington Monument at 11:30am.  They marched to the Lincolm Memorial.  Both these sites had special significance- named after the president who ended slavery.  Martin Luther King gave his famous "i have a dream" speech.  

Selma- Govener Jim Clark…


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