Psychology as a Science

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Science has these main feature:

1. Objectivity- Impossible in science to gain totally, but still important

2. Controlled Observations- Specific manipulation, usually of environment

3. Paradigm- Theoretical orientation

4. Replicability- Repeatabled, to find consisent findings.

Scientific method is induction and decution:

  • Making observations (Induction)
  • Producing laws/theories (Induction)
  • Generate hypothesis (Deducution)
  • Test via experiment (Deduction)
  • Reject or refine theory (Deduction)

Agurments for Psychology as a Science

1. Scientific knowledge is more useful than ''common sense''

  • Understanding human behaviour, allowing the production of verifiable knowledge, and distanting from common sense psychology.
  • Creating proof
  • Only scientific psychology can provide this.

2. Psychology is a science because it uses the scientific method to gain knowledge

  • Coming up with theories, making hypthesis, testing these theories, and modifing results, to rejects or refine hypothesis.
  • Hypothetico-Decductive Method.

3. Some areas of Psychology are certainely scientific

  • Idea that everything has a cause, and needs investigating to…


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