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Attachment is an intense emotional relationship specific to two people, that endures over time and in which prolonged seperation is accompanied by stress and sorrow. -Kagan et al 1978

Macoby 1980 4 key behaviours:

  • Seeking PROXIMITY to caregiver
  • DISTRESS on serperation
  • Pleasure when RUNITED
  • General ORIENTATION of behaviour towards caregiver

Seperation anxiety - anxcious when caregiver leaves

Stranger Distress - distressed when seeing people they dont know

Schaffer and Emerson - How attachments form

  • Oberservation and interviewing
  • 60 babies from working class Glasgow
  • 2 types of behaviuor
  • Babies responses
  • Scale 1 - 4 rating
  • First attachment is mother 65%
  • Whoever interacted with the babies the most
  • Developmental process
  • Attachment formed between 6-8 mnths
  • Fathers 3%
  • Joint attachment 27%
  • 40% attachment not to primary caregiver

Data from observation and mothers is prone to bias

Confined, only correct to Glasgow. Unrepresentitive sample

Babies may recognise reasearcher after a while

High in external validity as was not done in laboratory conditions

Alot of…


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