PSYCHOLOGY: Memory Glossary


Active process- using existing knowledge or information (schemas) to understand new information and therefore impose some meaning on it.

Amnesia- Memory loss usually cause by physical injury to the brain; it can also be caused by a traumatic or emotional event.

Anterograde amnesia- loss of memory after the event.

Capacity- how much can be remembered.

Context- environment or setting where something takes place.

Context memory- remembering things better depending on where you recall the information and where the information was learnt.

Duration- the length of time the memory is reatined for.

Encoding- changing information so that it can be stored.

Hippocampus- a brain structure that is crucial for memory.

Interference- things that we have learnt that make it difficult to recall other information that we have learnt.

Leading questions- a question that hints that a…


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