Psychology as a science

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Pyschology as a science 

The labatory experiment is seen as scienftific or emirical because it allows for the control of extraneous variables and replicability. It is argued that this method allows for more objective research (fact based) because the research records responses to a specific quanitifiable measurement (the dependent variable), rather than allowing their subjective opinion to make judgements. 

the more the control and standardisation in an experiment makes it easier to establish cause and effect. The scientific method can involve induction and deduction. 

Induction involves observations from the world around you, to analyse patterns and generate testable hypotheses, which are then used to build up theories. this is sometimes called the "bottoms up approach" 

  • OBSERVATION - eyewitnesses dont always agree
  • PATTERN - eyewitnesses disagree in some situations more than others
  • HYPOTHESIS - there will be a difference in the estimates of speeds given for films of car accidents depenent upon…


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