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Ellis's ABC Model - response to negative event

Good mental health result of rational thinking. 

Activating event

  • irrational thoughts triggered by external events 
  • we get depressed when we experience negative events and these trigger irrational beliefs 
  • e.g failing a test or ending a relationship 


  • Ellis called the belief that we must always succeed or achieve perfection - musterbation
  • 'i-cant-stand-it-itis' - major disaster when something does not go smoothly 
  • Utopianism - life is always meant to be fair


  • When activating event triggers irrantional beliefs there are emotional and behavioural consequences
  • e.g. You must always succeed and then fail at something this can trigger depression

Beck's triad

Faulty information processing

  • When depressed- attend to the negative aspects of a situation and ignore positives 
  • blow small pribalens out of proportion 
  • think in 'black and white' terms

Negative self-schemas

  • Schema is a mental framweork of ideas and beliefs
  • self schema package of information we have about ourselves
  • negative self-schema - interpret all information about ourselves in the same way

The nagative triad

  • Negative view of the


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