Psychological therapies for schizophrenia


Psychological therapies for schizophrenia

Cognitive behaviour therapy

  • Commonly used to treat patients with schz
  • It usually takes place for 5-20 sessions, in groups or individually
  • The aim in general involves helping patients identify irrational thoughts and trying to change them
  • This may involve argument or a discussion of how likely the patient's belief are to be true
  • Can make patients better able to cope with symptoms of schz
  • How CBT helps
  • Patients can be helped to make sense of their delusions and hallucinations and how they impact on their feelings and beh
  • Offering psychological explanations for the existence of hallucinations and delusions can help reduce anxiety
  • Delusions can also be challenged so that a patient can come to learn that their beliefs are not based on reality

Family therapy

  • Takes place with families rather than individual patients, aiming to improve the quality of communication and interaction between family members
  • There is a range of approaches to the family therapy 
  • Most family therapists are concerned with reducing stress within the family that might contribute to a patient's risk of relapse
  • In particular, family therapy aims to reduce levels of EE
  • How FT helps
  • Forming therapeutic alliance with all family members
  • Reducing the stress of caring for a relative with schz
  • Improving…


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