PROSE - Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen

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Strange Meeting

Wilfred Owen


  • Sigfried Sassoon callled it 'his passport to immortality'
  • Owen said: 'All a poet can do today is work'


  • 1 verse with freedom of speech - like a dream
  • Iambic pentameter


  • Warning
  • Calm - death = peace

Subject Matter

  • Death
  • Betrayel
  • Comradship


  • 'I escaped' - left the battle - reality of war
  • 'profound dull tunnel' - emphesises how the trenches were like hell
  • the use of past tense words such as 'scooped' show that its over
  • 'as if to bliss; - tentative - is this a dream?
  • 'I knew we stood in Hell.' - opposed to what they were told - LINK TO BROOKE!!! - both are dead - now equals - everyone is paying for the war - its…


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