Prohibition in the 1920's


Prohibition in the 1920's

- The drinking of alcohol was prohibited by law in the USA by the 1920's.

- In Jaunary 1919 an ammendment to the constitution was passed saying that alcoholic drinks would be forbidden.

- The Volstead Act brought this into force in January 1920 and defined that 'liquor' was any drink that was over 0.5% alcohol.

- The 'noble experiment' lasted until 1933

- Moves against alcohol had started in the late 19th century ( as they had in Britain and elsewhere ) because many poverty stricken homes were suffering at the hands of the father of the house when he had been drinking.

- Groups such as the Women's Christian Temperance Union and the Anti - Saloon League had been campaigning for prohibition for many years.

- By 1914 12 states in the USA were 'dry'

- During the first world war the evils of alcohol were stressed, such as causing absenteeism from work.

- Two of the leading firms supplying beer Pabst and Busch were German and patriotic Americans were told to avoid buying from them

- By the end of the war nearly…


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