Powers of PM and Cabinet and the relationship between them


The Power Of PM and Executive 

  • PM has traditional authority and perogative powers, Blair declaring war
  • PM is leader of party with majority, May is leader of conservatives 
  • PM has trust of the people, Tories managed to get a majority in the commons in 2015 
  • Theresa May called an early general election. clear power of PM 
  • PM sets agenda of Cabinet, Blair ignoring cabinets opinion on the building of the O2
  • PM negotiates foreign policy, for example negotiating Brexit from May 
  • Cabinet organised presentation of policy and comes up with policy, Tory cabinet coming up with austerity in 2010
  • Cabinet can push out a Prime Minister if they dont like them, Margaret Thatcher in 1990
  • Cabinet can also overule PM if it wishes, Cameron forced to call EU referendum in 2016 by Boris, part of tory cabinet 
  • Cabinet also organises the governments legislative agenda, Cabinet organised Lords reform of 1999
  • Cabinet often approves foreign policy as well, David Davies


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