Politics The Executive Definitions

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Cabinet Government:

Cabinet government refers to the colllective decision making process in Brtish politics.

Its key feature is that the PM is merely 'primus inter pares' (first among equals).

This is supported by the convention of collective ministerial responsibility.

IN cabinet government the legislature and executive branches of government are fused through cabinet. Members of cabinet are drawn from and accountable to Parliament.

Core Executive:

The core executive is the PM and cabinet. Political decision making involves ongoing negotiation among some or all of these groups each of which have powers of a different kind. 

Role of a Minister:

1. Policy Leadership

Ministers play an important role in policy initiation and selection.

2. Representing Departmental Interests

Ministers represent the interests of their department in the cabinet and negotiate for things such as funding increases.

3. Department Management

Ministers play a strategic role…


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