Plain weaves

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  • is the most used weave construction which can provide endless design variations
  • is strong and hardwearing
  • CALICO - is a plain weave, low-cost cotton fabric made in different weights and widths. Used mainly for experimental textiles work. Designers use this to make prototypes (toile)
  • VOILE - is a lightweight, plain weave sheer fabric. Can be made from cotton, silk, rayon or nylon. Used for blouses, dresses, etc.
  • RIPTSTOP - nylon is a high performance plain weave whereby some of the warp and weft double up at intervals. This increases the tear strength, useful for kites or performance sportswear. These fabrics are lightweight and abrasion resistant
  • POPLIN is another plain weave which is warp-faced, cotton type. Shows weft-way ribs on its surface. The warp is fine and the weft is coarser. Usually piece-dyed or printed; used for shirts, summer jackets, raincoats. Can be given special finishes that make it water repellent or fire resistant
  • SEERSUCKER - are plain weave that have crinkled, warp-way stripes. There's 3 ways to make this;
    1. fabric is woven in stripes with alternate stripes under different tensions on the loom. Results in crinkled stripes
    2. Linen or cotton fabrics can be treated with caustic soda usually in stripes to make fabric crinkle
    3. seersucker can be made using yarns that have different shrinkage properties


  • produces fabric with diagonal lines which generally run bottom left-to top right on fabric's face
  • produces different variations like herringbone or chevron
  • is again one of the most used weave constructions making fabrics such as gabardine or denim
  • can be make jackets, suits or jeans
  • VIYELLA - is a 2/2 twill weave…


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