Physics GCSE P1.1 Notes

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Infrared Radiation

  • Dark dull surfaces absorb and emit more thermal radiation than silver, shiny surfaces.
  • All objects emit and absorb infrared radiation.
  • Hotter surfaces emit thermal radiation faster than cooler surfaces.
  • Objects are absorbing and emitting thermal radiation at the same time.
  • If infrared radiation is emitted faster than it is absorbed, the object cools down.

Kinetic Theory:

  • Bonds between particles are strongest in solids and weakest in gases.
  • Melting - Solid changes to a liquid. When particles are heated, particles vibrate more vigorously and bonds break and reform so particles can change places.
  • Freezing - Liquid cools and changes to a solid.
  • Boiling - Liquid changes to a gas when it is heated. The particles break bonds and move around randomly.
  • Condensing - Gas cools and changes to a liquid.
  • Evaporation: Liquids change to gases at temperatures lower than the boling point. Evaporation is quickest if it is warm ( the particles have more energy to break bonds), if the liquid has a large surface area or it is windy.
  • Evaporation - at the surface at low temperatures, Boiling…


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