Physics- Energy stores and transfers (Year 8)


Energy stores and transfers:

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be stored, or it can be transferred- from a hot a hot object to a cool object by conduction, convection or radiation.

Stores of energy:

There are different forms of energy stores, including:

Kinetic energy

Internal energy

Elastic potential energy

Gravitational potential energy

Electrical energy

Magnetic energy

Kinetic energy:

All moving things have kinetic energy, even very large things like planets, and very small ones like atoms. The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends upon the mass of the object and the speed of the object.

Internal energy:

All objects have interal energy. This includes energy caused by the movement of particles in the object- sometimes called thermal energy, and energy due to the bonds between particles- sometimes called chemical energy.

Elastic potential energy:

Some objects can change


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