Philosophy, free will and determinism quotes

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free will and determinism quotes (note made to be converted into audio)


Honderick- when Honderick looks at the consequences of determinism he is. Quote. “dismayed”. that it requires giving up Quote.“origination”. and restrict our Quote.“life hopes”.

Honderick. Quote.“There can be no such hope is all the future is effects of effects”

Quote.“why people have found determinism to be a black thing”.

Spinoza- Free will as an illusion. Quote. “Men are conscious of their desires and unaware of the causes by which are determined”. 

Spinoza. A free act is a. Quote. “act determined by itself alone”.  

Hobbes - casual necessity. Quote “nothing taketh beginning form itself, but from the action of some other immediate agent without itself”.

Quote “Whatsoever is produced is produced necessarily; for whatsoever is produced hath had a sufficient cause to produce it, or else it had not been; and therefore also voluntary actions are necessitated”.


Kant. Quote.  “A free will and a will subject to moral laws are identical”.

Kant, what is freedom. Quote. “Freedom is independence of the compulsory will of another, and in so far as it tends


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