My Understanding of Plato's Cave

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Plato's Cave: My Understanding

Plato’s Cave Plato’s Cave is undoubtedly one of the most complicated areas of philosophy I covered when I studied last year. The very thought of having to redo this almost put me off retaking philosophy. I have come to realise that it is more a matter of how you learn it not what you learn. Unlike last year I am making connections and this has greatly improved my understanding.

  My understanding of the cave is that it represents our world and the limited knowledge and understanding of regular humans. The cave itself represents our world. The shadows represent the things we see around us that we perceive to be real. The prisoners are us humans, safe in our thoughts that we are the preferred species, the intelligent race. The escaped prisoner is the philosopher, the one who seems perplexed by these foolish notions and sets out on a quest for the truth that will set him, and those who follow him, free of the chains that bound him to the falsehoods. The escape from the cave is the hard journey that he makes to find his enlightenment.


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