Pest control without pesticides

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Crop rotation:

-In summer, the population of pests grows, it will decline each winter, but will grow rapidly in the summer again, causing greater crop damage every year. This is worse if the same crop is grown because certain pests like certain crops.

-If different crops are grown each year, in a cycle, then each pest species population will have declined to a low level before the crop it harms again is available again.


-When seeds germinate, they have to push up leaves to the light for photosynthesis and roots down into the soil for water and nutrients. Mulch is a layer of shredded bark and wood chips on the surface of the soil, which makes it difficult for weed seedlings to survive, they run out of food stores before their leaves reach the light.

Barrier crops

-Some plants repel pests, usually because they have a strong unpleasant smell. Onions can be grown to mask the smell


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