Persons: Key Notes Introduction

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What are the characteristics of Personhood? 1:

  • One to whom we ascribe mental and physical charateristics, which we developed as the idea of having a perspective.
  • Possessing a network of beliefs.
  • Rationality, of which we identified three varities - inference, means-end reasoning and evaluation.
  • A sense of self creation through relationships with others, which we distinguished from merely having a perspective and from a purely biological sense of self.
  • Self-awareness, which involves not just a conception of one's experiences, but of oneself as the subject of experiences.
  • A language user, which greatly changes the kind of self one is.
  • Being reflective, which requires self-awareness and probably language.
  • Autonomy, the ability to give oneself 'rules' and shape oneself through choices, values and goals.
  • One who is responsible, accountable and possesses rights

What is a person? 1:

  • To


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