Particles and their antiparticles

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Antiparticle were predicted before discovered

When Paul Dirac wrote down an equation obeyed by electrons he found a mirror image.

  • It predicted the existence of a particle like an electron but with a opposite charge.
  • The positron later turned up in a cosmic ray experiment.
  • Positrons have identical mass (and energy) to electrons but they have a positive charge.

Every Particle has an Antiparticle.

  • Each particle has a corresponding antiparticle.

Here are some examples of particles and their corresponding antiparticles.

Matter and Antimatter from Energy

  • There is an equivalence between energy and mass.
  • It all comes from Einstein's theory of relativity.
  • Energy can be turned into mass,and vice versa, if you know how.
  • you can work it out using E=mc² .
  • When energy is


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