Part 1, Adagio, C minor

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Bars 1 - 5 (Section A) --In the ominous opening, the violas and low strings play a four-note descent.  Overlapping with this, the violins, wind instruments, and timpani enter with an anticipation of the main theme in a dark, tragic version.  They swell forward on this, and then rapidly diminish, with the bassoons and violas trailing down as the violins play despairing echoes.  The descending winds recall the introduction of the first movement.
Bars 6 - 12 (Section B) --The strings begin a strange passage of pizzicato (completely plucked in all instruments).  They pass two-note figures between instrument groups, beginning very quietly.  The plucked strings very gradually gain momentum and volume as they move through G minor, E-flat minor, and F minor.  At the end of the passage, they are moving quite quickly and press forward to a chord that is suddenly cut off.
Bars 12 15 (Section A1)--The winds return to the slow tempo and, in a wailing three-note descent, lead into another statement of the “dark” anticipation of the main theme.  This time, the violins and violas state this at the same pitch level where it will be heard in the exposition.  They


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