P2b T5- nuclear fission and radioactivity

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Isotopes are different forms of the same element. e.g. carbon-12, carbon-14. most elements have different isotopes but only some are stable and the rest are radioactive and tend to give out radiation, which is where all radioactivity comes from.

radioactivity is a totally random process and when it does happen the decayed nucleus will give out either alpha, beta or gamma radiation.

All of the three types of radiation are ionising which means they give or take an electron to turn the atom into an ion. Alpha pulls an electron out of its orbit. Beta push an electron out of orbit and gamma give the electron energy until it has enough to break free.

Alpha particles:

they are made up of two protons and two neutrns, so they are helium nuclei. they are relativly big and heavy and slow moving. they have strong


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