Ozymandias and My Last Duchess: Comparison


Ozymandias and My Last Duchess

Both present man as powerful but undermines human power. 

Controlling, self-absorbed figures


  • 'king of kings' 

This phrase is used to describe Jesus in the Bible, which reflects his god-like status and love for himself. 

  • 'sneer of cold command'

The harsh sounding 'c' reflects Ozymandias' overbearing dictatorship and power.

Critique on the monarchy: George III was a king who ruled over 20% of the world at the time of the poem and abused his power like Ramses II (Ozymandias).

My Last Duchess

  • Dramatic monologue 
  • Personal pronouns 'my' (and 'taming') repeated.

Both show the Duke's controlling nature, and the Duchess' lack of freedom.

Also represents Victorian attitudes towards women. Using the Duke…


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