Outline and evaluate one theory of the formation of romantic relationships

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1. Reward/need satisfaction theory - we become attracted to people who evoke positive feelings = they provide direct reinforcement through operant conditioning. Rewarding stimuli = include happiness/security.

2. Operant conditioning - likely to repeat behaviour that has desirable outcome = if presence of individual leads to desirable outcome = percieved as more attarctive.

3. Also attracted to people associated with positive events = classical conditioning. Positive events = compliments/laughter/anything causing positive mood. These people don't need to evoke positive stimuli but be present when stimuli occur. 

4. Positive stimuli are positively valued = people who are associated with stimuli have positive value = becomes attracted to them. For a successful relationship = positive feelings should outweigh negative.

5. Griffitt + Guay provide support (we like people because they provide direct reinforcemnt) Participants evaluated on creative task by experimenter. Highest rating = when participant highly evaluated (rewarded) by experimenter = shows direct…


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