Our Country's Good- ACT 1 SCENE 1

As a director, discuss how you would stage the printed extract from your chosen set play in order to bring out your interpretation of it for an audience. 

Act 1, Scene 1

Significance of scene- Opening scene of play, different location to rest of play, shows the transportation and terrible conditions the convicts and officers were in.

Context of play- Our Country's Good is a piece of Epic Theatre, which follows the lives of a select number of convicts who were transported on the first fleet from England to Botany Bay in 1787 as a consequence of commiting crimes in a country whose prisons were overflowing. Their 'Jailors'- the officers also have to suffer alongside the convicts in the scorching heat, the dwindling rations and also being taken away from their families. A major theme of the play is 'the power of theatre' conveyed through the development of the characters and the friendships they build…




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