our countrys good- act one scene two

how i would direct act one scene 2

if i were to direct act one scene two i would aim to show Ducklings clear mental dominance over Harry in the relationship despite the fact that Harry is an officer and Duckling is a convict and through this i would want the audience to be able to sympathise through both character's vulnerable aspects; Duckling feeling trapped in the relationship and Harry sickly in love with Duckling. i would also want to create a tense atmosphere through the scene by showing the dysfunctional relationship between Harry and Duckling.  i would aim to create a sense of mental unstability in Harry due to his oncoming mental illness that occurs later on in the play as this would display intimidation and threat for the audience, and i would also direct Duckling to be emotionally unattached and distant throughout the scene. through this i would be able to convey the attitude in relationships between the convicts and the officers at that time. 

if i were to cast actors for Harry and Duckling i would want to cast harry as a a slightly chubby actor who has a round face and slightly pinkish cheeks. i would want him significantly less attractive than Duckling so the audience would have more of an understanding of why he may be so in love with her and it would show his reason for taking her in as a lover rather than a convict on the fleet. i would ideally cast Duckling to be fair skinned and big eyed so she is able to express different feelings through her eyes, sadness, guilt and a sense of being trapped. She could use her eyes to manipulate Harry as she knows how much he is attracted to her.

to stage our countrys good i would want to consider the epic theatre style of the play through my staging. i would have a prosceneium arch stage, witha  cyclormama in order to create the appropirate lanscapes for early Australia; starlit eveings to convey the natural habitat or an intense sunny day to show the intense wheather. i would want the stage floor to be representations…




I think you mean Act 1, Sc 7