other reasons for how civilians were affected in WW!

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food and rationing

  • DORA also allowed the governemtn to take control of food supplies, britain did not suffer serious shortages before 1916 but food prices did rise dramaticaly - about 60%. However the german U-Boats were sinking our merchant dise shipping on a large scale
  • the governemnt tried to inrease food production by bringing all availabl land into production
  • however this wwas not enough, voluntary rationing schemes 1916 and 1917 did not work so the governemtn introdueced compulosry rationing in 1918
  • sugar, meat, butter, jam, margarine were all rationed, most people supported rationing because it was fair and jept prices under control
  • there was a black market in goods but penalties under DORA were very severe

civilian casualties

civilian casualties were…


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